Our trees survive the winter above ground, so they will be happy to be planted any time of year. From May-September, you would need to water.

Go to our Care Instructions page and there are detailed watering instructions:

–> Watering Instructions <–

If you choose to plant your own trees…

  1. Dig your hole bigger than your pot.
  2. You want to plant your tree about an inch out of the ground, so don’t dig too deep.  Evergreen roots want to dry out a couple of times a week so you never want to plant them below grade or even at grade.
  3. Take your Green Giant out of the container, place it in the hole, and fill in the soil around the root ball to ensure the tree is straight.
  4. Pack the soil around the tree with your foot. You want your tree to stay straight get rid of any air pockets in the soil.  Anywhere that could fill up with water (wet feet bad). – WE DO NOT RECOMMEND AMENDING THE SOIL, IT IS BEST FOR THE TREES TO BECOME ACCLIMATED TO YOUR SOIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  5. Mulch around your tree, but don’t put the mulch right up to the trunk.  That is where your tree breathes.  Mulch is important to keep your tree roots cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Most are 14in high by 20in diameter. 15 gallons. Some of the smallest trees have slightly smaller pots

After the first 1-2 years when they have established their roots, trees can grow 2-4ft per year.

Our trees should grow to be at least 30 ft. tall, but you can trim them annually to keep the trees at your own height or width.

1-year warranty, mulch ring, tree.

Note: warranty only included if you pay for installation.

Pre-installation survey: show up, review tree layout, use auger to plant trees, and make sure you’re happy with the installation before we leave.

We deliver trees to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. If you are within a 4-hour drive of our location, we can deliver and install your trees.

Fertilizer is not needed. We generally discourage fertilizing trees because incorrect fertilization can hurt your trees.