Install Tips

At Big Green Giants, we’re passionate
about ensuring your landscaping thrives.

Follow these expert tips
for planting your Green Giants,
ensuring they grow healthy and strong
in your garden or landscape.

TIP #1

Preparing the perfect home

Dig a Generous Hole: Begin by digging a hole that’s larger than the pot your Green Giant came in. This extra space is crucial for the roots to expand and breathe.

TIP #2

Planting Depth is Key

Elevate for Excellence: Your Green Giant should sit about an inch above the ground level. Why? Evergreen roots prefer to dry out periodically, so planting them too deep—or even flush with the ground—can hinder their growth. Aim for just above grade to ensure optimal root health.

TIP #3

Positioning Your Green Giant

Secure and Straight: Remove your tree from its container and place it in the prepared hole. Fill in the soil around the root ball, making sure the tree remains upright. This step is vital for a straight, stable growth.

TIP #4

Soil and Stability

Firm Foundations: Once in place, compact the soil around the tree’s base with your foot. This action eliminates air pockets and prevents water from pooling around the roots—a condition our Green Giants dislike. Note: Amending the soil isn’t recommended; it’s best for the trees to adapt to your local soil from the start.

TIP #5

The Final Touch: Mulching

Mind the Mulch: Apply mulch around the base of your tree, but keep it away from the trunk to allow your tree to “breathe.” Mulch acts as a protective layer, keeping roots cool in the summer and warm in winter, but it should never touch the tree’s trunk.